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why us

Kaina offers multitude of design support that is key element for any successful product development and testing.
Our expertise not only assures you the best in class service but also help you with simulation based decision making.
We just don't design things for you but also make the design cost effective so that your new design is more efficient in terms of Lifecycle and Cost.
Cost vs. Design is a serious assessment but its correct approximation makes a drastic improvement in the overall Cost. In Kaina, we make deep analysis of your capabilities and make the design suite your capabilities so that the Fool-Proofing and Rejections are addressed without sacrificing the Cost and Performance.
Tailored Service offering makes the design Cost much lesser to suite the need of Prototyping / Concept Testing / MSMEs etc.
Our engagement with Clients and Dynamic Support System reinforces our professional relations and Trust.
Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of Kaina services.

our capabilities

Kaina is well equipped to address your requirement, it has entered into an agreement with various design labs for availability of various software suites . Kaina has a small but highly efficient expertise. Kaina brings Freelance Designers, Contractual Expertise & Manufacturing Experts to the drawing board whenever it feels necessary.

 Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications. –Dave McClure

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  This year, as part of our “Pankh” initiative, we have decided to reach out to at least five girls from class 10/12 who are good in studies but lack the financial support. Kaina will bear the cost of 1 year of their tuition fee.   This year will be…

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