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Dark-Light-InlineAn ISO 9001:2015 Certified Firm

Who We Are

We are a design consulting firm that provide product design support in various field. We offer tailored services to our clients to help them achieve the design requirement in a cost effective manner. We also collaborate with your Suppliers to help them understand the critical areas and streamline the product development/production phase.

What We Do

We touch upon multitude of design requirement in a product development phase. We offer our services from Concept Design to Product Engineering reinforced with FEA Simulation based design Analysis and Optimization. No matter how big or small the design objective is, we support our Clients in whatever manner it is required. We help them make the Design Improvement so that the Product Life-cycle improves. We offer tailored services for your day to day CAD/CAM/CAE requirements.

Focus Industry

Automotive & OEMs – BIW Design, Interior & Exterior.
Earthmoving & Heavy Machinery – CAD/CAM/CAE Applications.
Hardware & Industrial Supplies – Product Design, Product Engineering & FEA Applications.

Consumer Goods & Related – Product Design, Product Engineering & FEA Applications.
Architectural & Home Interior – Concept Design, 3D Modelling & CAD/CAM Applications.
Miscellaneous (Renewable Energy, Farm Machinery, Thermal Industry etc.) – Need based tailored service for design support.

Our all designs are “Warranted” for its intended application and input conditions as agreed. Our designs are thoroughly checked and ensured for the possible “Copyright Violations”. We understand your Brand Values and Trust, which have been instrumental in reaching out to your Customers.We ensure you the “Confidentiality” of your “Technical Data & Information” and assure you the strict ADHERENCE to the “Non Disclosure Agreement”.

Accreditation –

JAS-ANZ Accreditation for ISO 9001:2015



 Socially Responsible Design | Kaina is committed to provide Socially Responsible Design. Kaina is committed to Design for the Social Cause.