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B2C to B2B Development & Dimension

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B2C to B2B Development & Dimension

February 7, 2016      In Short Note By No Comments

An excerpt:

Macro Perspective: B2C to B2B Development & Dimension

Many of us wants to be a successful entrepreneur one day; every entrepreneur wants to be the Leader while the Leaders are looking forward for becoming a game changer. A novelty that survives in a long run business is always linked to the end users. Novelties linked to the intermediate goods are most of the time, generated by the external shocks and are mainly aimed at process enhancement. No matter where the novelty applies, it is always aimed at end users or the consumers. When every consumer intends to maximize his/her satisfaction for a given amount of budget then the right product and right pricing becomes key factors. Right product is a narrow connotation for a wider population. Right price depends on level of compromise that is viable within given budget for the consumers. Fine connotation with high level of budgetary compromise by consumers seeks selective consumers while generic connotation with lower budgetary compromise will be obsolete in a long run business.



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