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Our Design Philosophy –

Kaina takes the most accepted design path globally to address the design need. However, we then refine the UX as per our ηX-Method that has been developed internally to have better picture of UX in terms of Cost and Acceptability. The robustness of our method have been complimented by our Clients. Our method have been designed for Socially Responsible Design.

What Kind of Design –

Kaina offers design support for NPD, Concept Design, Prototype Design and Design improvement. We not only design the concept for you but also take your concept further from Sketch to Prototyping. We work closely with your internal dept. for seamless product development.
Kaina has been actively helping the Start-Ups to translate their Concept into Reality at affordable Price. 

Which Products –

Mechanical | Consumer Durable | Life-Style | Electronics | Architectural | Miscellaneous

Achievement So Far –

We have been successfully adding its Clients from various Industry from India and Globally. We have our presence in Heavy Vehicle Industries, Renewable Energy Sector, Cosmetic Industry to name few.
We have already filed a Patent for innovation in the Home Interiors viz. Domestic/Commercial Door. Our Patent is a commitment towards making Socially Responsible Design which helps not only the Children but also the Differently-able and make it Safer for them.

 Pankh-InitiativeWhat is “Kaina Pankh”-

“Kaina Pankh” is our initiative aimed at supporting rural Artist/Potters/Carpenters/Weavers etc. to understand about Design for Marketing. We also help them channelize their design to the local markets. The initiative bridges the gap between Local and Marketable Design. We also make various short duration case analysis to see if local/rural problems etc. can be addressed through Design Intervention.