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Product Engineering –

Kaina offers various Product Engineering support to its Clients. We render our services for making the product realization from a Sketch to a Prototype. The engineering bottlenecks are addressed by the group of experts from various background.

How Deep –

Engineering design is a tremendously vast subject area. Say, Designing a new diesel engine. Designing something from the Sketch to Prototype is daunting task considering the material composition of the alloys and spring constant etc. We DO NOT re-investigate the already set design parameters globally. Suppose, we are designing an Enclosure for Automotive industry. We follow the surrounding work volume and key requirement from the enclosure. In the process we set the material and its form & geometry w/o going deeper into the material for Rubber Sealing and Hardware etc.

What Support –

From Assembly design to Manufacturing including Reverse Engineering.
CAD/CAM Support | 2D Drafting | GD&T | Design for Injection Molding | Assembly Design | Welding | SMT Design | Miscellaneous

Materials in general but not limited to:
Steel | Aluminium | Plastic |Composite (Polymer, Metal, Ceramics) & Alloys

Assurance –

Our designs are “Warranted” for its application under conditions, as agreed upon. We follow Standard Design Rules as directed by the global design regulatory such as American/European. Our design method includes your Process Capability also, so that you do not face the risk of Costly manufacturing technique.