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Plastic: Health Guide

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Plastic: Health Guide

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An Excerpt:

Plastic Health GuidePlastic FC

Plastic plays important role in our day to day life. Majority of our household contains plastic parts in some way or the other. One of the most important thing to worry is “are all plastic safe?”. Plastics are safe only for its applicability and level of safety depends accordingly. In general, when we talk about the safety it implies possible health hazards associated with it. Let’s take an example: We use mineral water packed in a pet bottle when we travel. And, we also prefer it on normal days to carry/store water whenever it is necessary. However, we casually neglect the instruction for its disposal “Crush After Use”. Is it only a casual warning or is it a subtle message.

Coming on to baby products, we hardly understand the hidden message or its applicability or the potential risk associated with it. Baby products require careful examination before any purchase. Baby products are most vulnerable since customer often rely more on its colorful packaging design rather it applicability and the potential risk associated with it.

Many countries had strongly regulated the plastic products and its manufacturing process. Cheap supplies are often made bypassing the regulations to gain market access at low price. Chinese products are known for its price parity and product quality, however not all Chinese products are cheap and sub-par in terms of quality. There are some of the best plastic products that China makes for various companies.

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