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Simulation –

Simulation is considered to be the backbone of any successful design. The design parameters are exploded and impact of few or all are investigated against the desired result. The weaker parameters are eliminated and thereby improving the product performance. FEA Simulations had revolutionized the Automotive and Aero Industry earlier and nowadays these techniques are applied wherever they can be, such as Home Appliances, Medical Equipment and Electronic Industry to name few.

What We Do –

We offer tailored services to test your design, so that the Cost impact is negligible. Say, you are designing an Automotive fixture and wanted to investigate its various features such as Ribs/Fillet etc. under extreme condition. Or, you are designing a Remote Control and wanted to know the Minimum Wall Thickness of the Casing etc. under extreme conditions.
In a nutshell, Kaina offers Tailored Service for all your CAE needs.

How We Do –

We use mathematical/engineering technique dictated by Global Regulatory such as American/Europeans. Finite Element Analysis is our starting point followed by FEA Simulation. The designs are iterative so that Robustness is achieved.

What Sort of Simulation –

Design Assessment | Material Test | Parameter Test | Product Life-Cycle | Stress Analysis | 6-σ Robustness | Heat Transfer | Fatigue Analysis | CFD

What is “Design Warranty” –

Design warranty is offered on all designs made by us. When we qualify your designs, we DO NOT warrant it against it’s failure. We offer three class of FEA support :

“Assessment” – Where you get the details and the reason of its Failure. Assessment does not comes with “Warranty”, it is mainly a preliminary investigation of the design.

“Improvement” – Where we work with your team to improve upon your product/designs, so that the product life-cycle is enhanced. Design Improvement is Followed by the design testing after which your product is ready for the mass production. Design improvement carries “Warranty”, which is mutually agreed between you and us.  

Robust Design” – Robust designing is a time consuming phase, we work with you closely to achieve robustness of your design/product. You can call/write to us to know more about it.