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Tata Cars – A Design Observation

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Tata Cars – A Design Observation

October 19, 2017      In Short Note No Comments

Tata Motors have a history of revolutionizing the taste and concept for Indian cars. The very admired Tata Safari, which was launched way back in 1998 had serious impact on the car industries. It was a choice given to the people when there was Mahindra Jeep more prominent in the SUV segment. Then came Tata Indica, which was dropped on to Maruti’s 1000, Opel Corsa, Daewoo Cielo etc. Only Maruti Suzuki Esteem remained immune with the interference of the Indica. Most of them played with color, interior, front grills etc.

Given the 20 years span from 1997 to 2017 the automotive industry had undergone enormous changes. Technology got refined, Production Method became more serious, Automation took the Quality Control to a new level, augmentation of global brands and more importantly the consumer became very smart and cost conscious.

A simple rule applies i.e.

“when you have too many choices available for same reason, then another choice has to be a reason altogether”

Coming back on the Tata cars design observation: 
( Please Note: The observation is purely personnel and may not qualify at all. Further, it’s a positive criticism)

Indica Replication:

One can easily take a note of various Tata cars from Indica to Manza to Aria and Nano is that the front grill and it’s overall shape is replicated in all these models.

Indica was revolutionary in the sense that it was new appeal. Many people were crazy about it’s resemblance to snake/python. IndicaIt was a manly look, robust and a serious introduction.

However, the same looks were replicated in many different models which unfortunately did not made any new distinction to the customers. Many felt that they are all same.

Replication of style on Nano was a colossal mistake. Nano by definition required a gentle and charming appeal which was not defined by its design. However, Nano needs a comeback with modification and its unfair on its part to give it a try. Nano is a story in itself which must define itself with a revolutionary concept from Tata.

Tata Safari:

Tata Safari was a big name in the 90s, however in the recent models/modifications the uniformity in design and shape is a bit lacking. It would not be inappropriate to say that most SUVs by Tata has the tint of Safari’s front. Honestly speaking if you keep Safari, Dicor and Storme side by side then it becomes difficult to differentiate. How can the customer differentiate in a closely packed show rooms. Think about it.

Coming on to its design, the overall shape looks impressive but lacks final touch. front-right-view-120Designer has to think about the visitors perspective viewpoint i.e. the horizon to which he/she will look on the cars. Frog eye/Fish eye concept presentation looks good only in the catalog but not in reality. 

This picture looks impressive and dramatic. But did you see any customer looking at car in a sitting down/kneeling down position, before making a purchase. It’s very rare that people would buy a car just by seeing its catalog.

The main issue is somewhere else. Safari

If you see the above picture, the viewing horizon is kept as per the customers height. While observing it for 1 minute, you will observe the design uniformity from Front to Rear up-to red arrow mark limiting the rear side door. Beyond that, it looks loose assimilation. Further, the slope from wind shield to bonnet looks very sharp which makes the overall feel of a Tata Sumo. Point A and B as indicated looks ok, but if you carefully see them it looks a loose design. Wide window screen on rear makes it look bigger. Point B is continuous smooth blend, while A is partly smooth and partly sharp. Due to this the rear end looks as if it is somehow attached on to main design.


Nexon looks promising and it is competitive given its price range. In terms of design, well few things that gives us little surprise. NexonIf you see position A, B and C they look little discontinuous and could have been avoided. Position D looks little discontinuous in surface blends. Overall design is fantastic.

Dual tone is superb and should have more simpler surfacing on side ways. The tail light should have been given more importance. However, the design is impressive.

The idea is not to criticize or make a reckless comment but it is what we feel about Tata cars.  In a simple language, most cars are great but they require little final touch as per the design is concerned. In terms of mechanical design Tata is unmatched be it car or trucks.

When the market has too many similar offerings then the new offering must be a reason.


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